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The Lords Hour
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Genesis 12:3
And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee; and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”​​

The Lords Hour Ministry started back in 2012 on BlogTalk Radio from 8:00pm to 10:00pm eastern time, Then as more listener join us asking for more time on the Air, we added another hour,NOW is from 8:00pm to 11:00pm E.T., Our Ministry calling came from Jesus himself; he called us  to teach his kingdom purpose{To be Rapture Ready}His last days message, I remember Jesus talking to me face to face in a dream standing before me, he said i'm calling you to start teaching what i have tough you; i remember saying back to him, there prepare minister then I, Jesus said but i have chosen you, he also added and said for this purpose you were born, I told him there are more prepare minister then I for a second time, but I notice he was not please to hear me say that to him, I finally said I will do ask you ask me to do, but he said i chosen to use you, he continue speaking, i will use you to prepare my children for the Rapture/departure, so i can bring them home.
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Your support helps us to continue to bring God's message of light to a dark world, I'm praying for Billions of Souls to come to Christ before we go home,  please continue to help us through your prayers and financial support, Our going home is nearer then when we began our race, it is not time to give up but to continue to persevere through daily repenting and weekly fastings believing God's word, please join us every Mondays, Wednsdays and Fridays in our Corporate Fasting, servant of the Lord Jesus.

The Lord Jesus showed me in a vision that when people support this program, The Lords Hour''   He would bless them abundantly, he showed me blessings coming to people's lives from different directions, it was amazing to see what our God can do for his sons and daughters. by supporting this program, you also support, the Poor of Israel and Africa


Dear Brother Elvi,
                          Last night, Thursday September the 29th, the lord gave me a prophetic dream. In this dream i saw father Jesus dressed in a white long gown, holding in his hands a long rectangular box with something inside, the lord showed me what was inside this box, three big rocks. The lord revealed to me that these rocks were "asteroids"that the father in heaven is going to use to bring judgement into this world, three asteroids will fall from heaven on judgement day! it will be done and come to pass. The lord also revealed to me about demons in flesh, the lord showed me a renown and famous actress of hollywood crawling in the floor like a serpent, and spraying something from her mouth, the lord call them crawling serpents. The lord also revealed to me that these people are deceiving servants of Satan in earth, to bring confusion and spread evil into this world,which it is their main mission.  
   God Bless,
                                                                                                         Mabel Castillo